Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yet another reason why I can't wait to get out of here

I understand that getting into MIT early is a huge deal, and I guess it's pretty impressive, but sometimes I almost wish I hadn't told anyone about it.

At first it was kind of cool and novel that people associated me with MIT, but now it's getting old. When someone can't figure out a calc problem the standard answer, "Go ask MIT." It's not because I'm especially good at math (to be honest, I'm probably in the bottom half of my calc class), but because somehow since I'm going to MIT it means I must have suddenly become a freaking genius.

Any time I ask a silly question or mess something up, because I'm not quite perfect yet, I get snarky MIT comments and I know they're meant to be funny, but it's just annoying now. It would be nice if people could step back and realize that I still have a real name other than MIT (although on a sort of cool note, my name is Michelle Ilana so if I ever get married to someone whose last name starts with a T, my name really will be MIT. My physics class has already taken note of this fact and tried to pair me up with every person with a T last name).

Yes, MIT is impressive and prestigious, but I'm still the same person that I was in November before I got accepted. I'm not suddenly more brilliant, more socially awkward, or less of a person.

I can't wait until CPW and then next year, when nobody will say, "Hey MIT, how'd you miss that question?" because we'll all be MIT and it won't be alien or impressive, it will just be life.


Will said...

haha...You too?!?!

I'm MIT(not the right initials :P) at my school...and's getting pretty irritating.For some reason they think it makes me some sort of super genius which I'm not.

Marie said...

omigosh, my classmates are always like "ohh gotta tell MIT on you for doing that, they won't want you anymore!" (jokingly of course) but yeah i make a lot of dumb mistakes so i get that a lot lol

Rachel said...

ugh, people are always giving me inane comments like "can you take the square root of this nine digit number in your head because you know calculus" or "why dont you have an A+ in history, you can solve a rubik's cube".

Katie said...

I know how this goes... I am no longer allowed to get a question wrong in physics or calc without hearing "Uh-oh, now they're not going to let you go to MIT anymore."