Sunday, January 6, 2008

True Confessions

Since I'm normally addicted to blogging I feel a little guilty that I haven't posted yet. Basic introduction, since we love our roll calls: I'm Michelle (xx, duh), living in the best state in the country (Jersey!) and hoping to major in course 1E, which is environmental engineering for people who haven't memorized the course numbers like Sham has. Reasons why I'm super cool:

1. I really like whole grain bread.
2. My favorite number is 35.
3. Sean says I smell like maple syrup (let's ignore the fact that he hasn't ever met me in real life)
4. I sing really loudly when I drive, loudly enough that people can hear me when they're walking by.
5. I have a terrible voice.
6. I try to rationalize that the MIT12 chat is a form of social activity.
7. I adore word games and books (probably more than science and definitely more than math)
8. I hike, a lot.
9. I have no number nine but I really don't like even numbers so I felt compelled to add another item to this list.

So you're reading and I can see you saying right now, "But Michelle, how could #7 be true? You're supposed to love MIT!" And the answer is that I do, I love it so much that the only other school I finished applying to was a state school and I'm turning down full tuition there. So why MIT, then? Why when "books" is probably the most common tag on my personal blog entries and I shudder at the word "physics" do I choose MIT? Basically, because however much I love literature, I realize that I would never be happy studying it my whole life because (a) I'm sick of writing papers about it and (b) studying subjects that could potentially change the way we live forever is a lot more exciting.

So here I am, I've been outed; I don't know any computer programming languages, I'm awful at physics, and until last year I couldn't stand math, but somehow I love everything about MIT and I'm beyond excited to become a student.

(now I'm just waiting for the hate mail to pour in)


shamarah said...

you stole my listing technique!
haha but since you said my name in your post, i'm alright with it.

Maximus said...

This was a really moving post. I especially like the part about maple syrup. It nearly brought me to tears...but trust me, she really does smell like maple syrup.

Rachel said...


(but you should learn Perl)