Thursday, January 3, 2008

a categorical imperative, but not really.

It was great to see all the alumni at school yesterday, but wow, so many of them have changed. In the words of my esteemed co-pres: “Everyone looks like a pimp, a stoner, or exactly the same.” I looked around, and lo and behold, it was true. But I guess you can stuff anyone into a mental category if you try.

MIT12 is addictive. The regulars are, in fact, so addictive to talk to that I’m afraid when we finally meet in person they’ll be like malformed cephalopagic Siamese triplets with one enormous functional superbrain or they’ll secretly take hourly IV infusions of LSD in order to maintain their interestingness, because no way are they normal kids. Of course, we already knew that. (The last part.)

Yet as time ticks later and later into the night, and we get more and more tired, it seems like our primal instincts kick in and turn the chat toward angsty thwarted teenage romance (hah, got it semantically correct that time) as I oh so astutely noted. Or perhaps it was just yesterday that that happened.

It’s good to know that most of us illustrious MIT12ers, brilliant and charismatic and stunning though we may be, are human inside. Like, we can play Mersenne zen and use pickup lines like “Let me be DNA helicase and unzip your genes” and use MIT course numbers all the time to confuse people, yet still not be ashamed to admit that Asian chicks are HOT (inorite?) or discuss our secret, burning love for Sam Maurer. Because blog updates from Sam Maurer are like ambrosia from the heavens.

You know, I thought I’d be writing a lot of brilliant blog entries after I got into MIT. And fill my blog with bloggy goodness, so that the world might know of my daily exploits, and I’d become rich and famous and get paid to tour the world and blog, and of course become an MIT admissions blogger. Wishful thinking. But seriously, which posts belong in MIT2012, and which ones in my personal blog? This one clearly belongs here, but that’ll be something to mull over in the future. Or I’ll just take the easy way out and double-post.



Michelle said...

I'm equally confused about what I should write here versus my personal blog(s), but we'll figure it out eventually. And I hate that school takes away from my chat time

Anonymous said...

I think the answer is, is i something you want just the chat to read, or just standard blog stuff. And I share your fear that when we meet up in real life, I'm going to feel severely inadequate. But, que sera sera.