Monday, January 7, 2008

Still On Break

Good Morning MIT'12 Prefroshes and random readers,

Guess what? I'm still alive, and on break! Yay teacher inservice! So...instead of doing homework, a presentation in Biology, a couple of review sections in Statistics, some reading journal entries for Lit, and writing a final exam essay for my online Govt class, I'm bothering you guys. Heh, it's a pretty light load compared to what some of you have to do. So procrastination is fun :) Daytime tv on the other hand, is not. I have a Martha Stewart rerun on. Now a Rudy Guiliani ad, hehe fear mongering is fun!

Well...since everyone else did an intro and first posts all my posts will make me seem like a lunatic, at best. So...this intro will paint me in a positive light?

Will, I am or William. I am not Sam. I do not like green eggs and ham. Green ham either comes from glow-in-the-dark florescent pigs or ham soaked in green dye. Green eggs...hmm..I dunno. Green Chickens?

Well, I'm a native Floridian, currently living in Bradenton i.e. boring suburb/small city. I go to a boring stereotypical high school, kinda like the High School movies but I'm the nerd in the background who isn't invited to the "awesome" party that ends up getting the protagonist thrown into either prison, Mexico or Harvard sometimes worse...CALTECH.

I am um...not interesting. I am Asian, politically independent, and uh...sort of a slacker? I read every once and a while, preferably dystopia novels, comedies, and satires. I watch too much tv for my own good.


Now, to end the post with a random simile. Winter vacation is like a waffle. There are cells to keep the syrupy viscus goodness that is fun. They're usually found frozen but some are made on the iron of spontaneity. Occasionally you'll find a Belgian one in there. But in comparison, it doesn't compare to the pancake that is summer vacation.

PS. I didn't have breakfast :/


Marie said...

dudeee how can you still be on break?? lol
waffles are good :D

Sam said...

It's too bad you're not, since I'd ask you to tell me where you got your body from.