Sunday, January 6, 2008

a list.

I'm Shamarah and I'd like to introduce myself, in an itemized fashion :)

1. The "froshface" title was my idea and I'm really happy that it was chosen
2. I'm the girl who memorized course numbers way back in August
3. Najah and I share a brain and a love for New House
4. Rachel and I share a love for The Logs and, to a lesser but still pretty large extent, Sam Maurer
5. I'm a seven sister (GET WITH IT OR GET LOST. *THUG STANCE*)

6. I have a thug stance
7. Paninis, lol
8. I'm from Florida
9. I love MIT - a lot
10. School starts tomorrow for me :(
11. MIT12 is hilarious and is now my favorite AIM chatroom ever, and I'll be very sad to have to stop going there as often since I'll have homework to do and, you know, a life to live

That's about it. Stay cool, everyone!


Najah S. said...

i didn't know froshface was your idea. i was wondering who came up with it. that was a good idea!

i agree with number 11.

Marie said...

YAY sevensisters! lol
heey i thought you said you weren't gonna join the blog? lol :P

Rachel said...

oh sham, but everyone loves sam maurer