Thursday, January 3, 2008

Will versus the Chat

If you join the chat at some point, I or the chat will gain points. Here are the rules so I won't have to restate them in the future.

I gain points by "killing" the chat. "Killing" is the act of deterring a response from other chatters, with an interval of 20 secs or larger. I do not need to purposely sabotage the chat, I just happen to naturally kill it.

The chat gains points by confusing me. It's a difficult... moderately difficult... easy task. Speak computer speak...then you win.

The current score if you want to know is, 28 - 27. TAKE THAT CHAT! :)

So what is the purpose of this "game"? Well...nothing. I get bored easily and it is a ego boost?

I play this game with a lot of things. Will versus Insects (3-34), Will versus Sliding Glass doors(0-22), and Will versus TV commercial (43-54).

To end the post, I have to write about Canada.

Canada's up there. Almost Santa Claus up, but a little less. They have no penguins but, they have Hockey Players which is a decent trade off. They have a parliamentary government? Their Prime Minister is...Gorden Brown? Sarkozy? Stephen Harper, a "conservative". Canadian conservative = American Democrat? They don't have MIT so that's a -100. They have universal health care, so that's a +10. They have polar bears +/- 50 points. They have hockey and lots of beer, +50.

If you need more information about Canada, ask Stephen Colbert.

Good Night, and Good Luck.

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