Thursday, January 3, 2008


Hi. I'd just like to say that Pnin (crazy Nabokov novel I have to read for AP Lit) and/or paninis are forever ruined for me.

Anyways, it's 1:26 am EST and I have to get up in 5 hours for the first day of school. BOO

I also agree with Najah! MIT12 chat is so crazy and fun (see above panini reference) and you really are a great bunch of people :) I can't wait for CPW!

I'm not really sure if the stuff I talk about in here has to be MIT-related? Oh well. Earlier we had a discussion about CPW versus prom, and what Sham said is true, it kind of is like old friends versus new friends. Which is a difficult concept for me to grasp, because even though I complain about Ohio being boring a lot, I have really had some amazing times with my friends and I'm rather sad that we're all going off to different places next year. A lot of people here actually go to the same college as their friends (University of Toledo, Ohio State University), but I'm practically the only person from my town that even applied to MIT (another really good friend of mine from the other school in my town is applying RD, I hope he gets in! ... Ironically their school is called Northview and ours is called Southview, funny right?? lol) But anyways, meeting all these new people in the MIT12 chat really makes me look forward to the future and college, which is supposedly the most exciting time of our lives.

I forgot where I was going with this. Oh right, I just think that we should always treasure the times we've shared with our friends, but create new memories for the future! ... that came out really cheesy-sounding. Oh well.

Ahaha. It is now 1:40 am EST. Really time for me to be going to sleep. Bye all!

(Btw, for those of you not cool enough to take French, "cinq" is French for 5. Hehe.)


Kevin Lee said...

Ah, a lot of people around here also end up going to the same school (Rutgers, the state university of NJ). It's crazy how half of my college friends are in the same college.

Najah S. said...

Yeah a lot of my friends are staying here too and going to U Penn. We'll all miss our old friends and we should all stay in touch with them. But at least we know that we have some good people coming to MIT with us next year.

Will said...

Hehe...a majority of my friends are going to UF, UCF and some to FSU. So I know how you feel. Though, we should have winter break to visit them but, then things won't be exactly the same :/


Marie said...

What are you guys doing posting on Blogger at 6:53am before school / 10:39 and 10:51 at school?? lol

Will said...

I don't have school yet Marie :P