Monday, January 7, 2008

Sean (called Maximus by most): The Truth

For those of you out there who thought that Sean's post was serious (and I really hope that there are very few of you). You should know the truth. His new goal in life is to make me hate him (so then he could gain joy from annoying me but he's not doing a very good job at this). So when I posted about how I was happy that the chat was saved he felt the need to say that he was the one who saved it. Therefore, though he tries really hard to be one, Sean is not that much of a weirdo to go outside in the snow wearing only tube socks.

On a side note you should also know while about 8560% of the stuff that he says on any topic is a lie / joke. 99.9(with a little line over it)% of the stuff that he says about me is a lie so don't trust anything that he says about me. I'm not in the KGB and I don't work for the IRA either.

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