Monday, January 21, 2008

ghost town

I was finishing up a cute, fast little gearbox cad around 6 pm or so today, when all my compatriots suddenly ran off to the other building to play with the IR sensor on our test drive platform. The angry growls of the German metal men blasting through our speakers were paused, the clatter of aluminum and procrastination was hushed, even the constant whirring of overworked laptops ceased as they completed their renders and fell into a half-watchful sleep. Ghost town. Not to mention my school is the perfect setting for an FPS. Long dark corridors with evenly placed skylights that cast shadows as often as light, not to mention the new building, with its half-finished concrete walls and puddles of rain and scattered pipes, blanketed by layers of fog in the morning. It's creepy.

Enter MIT12, where Zen is no longer a challenge and people have acquired social lives (or maybe just homework). Actually, the low population at this time is probably just due to the high concentration of ESTers (eastern time, not RC=O-OR) who frequent MIT12. But yes, ghost town is eerie. COME BACK PLX

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