Saturday, January 5, 2008

十一 (jū ichi)

Thats 11 in Japanese.. to return to the number meme

Yo! It is I, Donald Guy, famous commenter of the MIT Admission Blogs... okay .. so I have no actual fame, but in MIT12 world (a fun place, by all accounts) .. I am .. or at least was..

6:09:29 PM Rutu: wait, donald, did you facebook me?
6:09:34 PM Sam, XX: gasp.
6:09:35 PM Donald Guy: no
6:09:37 PM Shamarah: what
6:09:38 PM Sam, XX: is donald guy in this chat?!?!?
6:09:40 PM Donald Guy: yes
6:09:41 PM Yoon: yes
6:09:42 PM Jeff : yeah
6:09:43 PM Shamarah: SEE? he's famous
6:09:44 PM Donald Guy: that would be I
6:09:44 PM Sam, XX: shut up.
6:09:46 PM Sam, XX: SHUT UP

This did wonders for my ego.. but other than Maximus (Sean) and Ale's occasional worshiping of me, my fame has abated ...

Anyway, enough about me and my ego. So, why am I here? Becuase like Rachel, I have maniacal plans/hope of being an MIT Admissions blogger.. so .. I am blogging .. it was my new years resolution.. (I wonder if these ellipses are bothering certain chat people?). ANYWAY, I will write a more substantive entry after I do my AP Gov homework.. if that happens.

Peace out y'all,

P.S. I don't speak Japanese.. but I'd like to learn it

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