Thursday, January 17, 2008

EA telethon

So around 7:15 tonight the phone rings at my house. Since nobody ever calls for me I ignored it and let one of my parents pick up. I soon discovered that today is the EA telethon and I actually had a phone call. I resisted asking whether or not MIT will really rescind me if I do miserably in physics this semester and/or fail my midterm and just chatted for a few minutes.

I love that MIT cares enough to do stuff like send us tubes, holiday cards, and have students call us. This isn't even the first MIT student to contact me. The bloggers are friendly and I keep getting messaged on facebook from people trying to recruit me for the Hillel (this is what I get for having a very Jewish-sounding last name and looking stereotypically Jewish). I wish it would be CPW already!


Will said...

Omg...I missed mine :(

My mom told them to call back around 7:30. I wonder if they'll ever Notre Dame person never did.

Marie said...

yeah I love how personable MIT is too! :) after my phone call, I totally can't wait for CPW too! hehe