Monday, January 7, 2008

Second Semester Senior Year

Dude, you guys have made like 5 posts since I last checked this thing, which was around midnight last night lol

Anyway, school's dragging on and final exams are in exactly a week (I made a study schedule last night.. it's insane.. I always make them and never follow them. I can't even find my 1st quarter papers and stuff ahhhh). So I thought I'd cheer myself (and maybe all you other seniors) up by making a list of what I'm going to do starting 10 days from now when second semester starts!!! We get a 4 day weekend after exams too, because of Martin Luther King Day, although I will probably be helping out at the Sylvania Speech and Debate Invitational.

1. Read lots and lots of books
2. Hang out with friends every weekend
3. Play Guitar Hero a lot
4. Play DDR a lot
5. Play SIMS2 a lot
6. Learn how to cook
7. Learn programming (eh...)
8. Go to IHOP with friends on 2-hr delay days (yeah, that's just something we've always planned to do but never could because we value sleep more than each other's company)
9. Go to sleep at 10pm each night
10. Um.. do scholarship applications? Boo
11. Make fun of sister because she still has another year to go
12. Start running club with friends (exercise in general)
13. Watch French movies
...and most importantly...
14. CHAT ON MIT12!! Yay lol

But not to worry, I'll still do my homework and stuff. I don't think I've ever not done a homework assignment in my life (I've forgotten them at home sometimes though =/) I might not study as much for tests though. frozen GPAs rock (gah, just gotta pull off all my H's this quarter and exams to stay 1st). In AP Lit, we have to make a Chapbook of like 20 of our own original poems but no one really cares anymore. Eh.. being me, I'll probably still want to pull off all my H's 3rd and 4th quarter just because... (btw, H = 94-100 in AP and honors classes)

As for events, there's CPW and spring break and prom and Cedar Point Physics day to look forward to :)

Oh well. Keep your spirits up people because second semester senior year is rapidly approaching!! Hehe


Will said...

OMG I want to learn how to program too!!!

Omar A. said...

You go to cedar point for physics too!! That's awesome. We go at the end of the year. Where are you??? I'm in michigan. I always assume everyone in the chat lives far far away like in Cali or Florida haha.