Monday, January 7, 2008

the rest of the Donald Story

Well, I promised a better intro after my AP Gov was done and not only is my AP Gov done, but so is my AP English, and AP Psych, and theres been a day of school so now I have new versions of all of it.

ANYWAY, first I would like to say that I have a habit of starting sentences that change topics with anyway, and sometimes other sentences. My Honors English 10 teacher got really mad about and would practically yell whenever I did so. Ergo, when my friends and I made a relatively horrendous but infinitely entertaining Flash version of the Illiad, I was the narrator and every sentence the narrator said began with anyway. (btw, if you would like to see this flash version, which is, as stated, highly entertaining, you can check it out here)

Anyway, so ... why might I have this anywaying habbit. I suspect it has to do with the way I think. I've been playing around with computers for a long time, and it's seeped into the way I think, speak, and write. Now, don't worry .. I won't come up to you and sing

#include <stdio.h>
main(t,_,a)char *a;{return!0<t?t<3?main(-79,-13,a+main(-87,1-_,
main(2,_+1,"%s %d %d\n"):9:16:t<0?t<-72?main(_,t,
;#q#n+,/+k#;*+,/'r :'d*'3,}{w+K w'K:'+}e#';dq#'l \
q#'+d'K#!/+k#;q#'r}eKK#}w'r}eKK{nl]'/#;#q#n'){)#}w'){){nl]'/+#n';d}rw' i;# \
){nl]!/n{n#'; r{#w'r nc{nl]'/#{l,+'K {rw' iK{;[{nl]'/w#q#n'wk nw' \
iwk{KK{nl]!/w{%'l##w#' i; :{nl]'/*{q#'ld;r'}{nlwb!/*de}'c \
;;{nl'-{}rw]'/+,}##'*}#nc,',#nw]'/+kd'+e}+;#'rdq#w! nr'/ ') }+}{rl#'{n' ')# \
"!ek;dc i@bK'(q)-[w]*%n+r3#l,{}:\nuwloca-O;m .vpbks,fxntdCeghiry"),a+1);}

instead of the twelve days of Christmas (yes, that is what that program outputs (try compiling and running it!) (and no I didn't write it)). However, what I did at the end of that sentence is sort of what I'm talking about—when I write I will put tangents in parentheses and will often nest them a few deep. In person, I hear, this gets more annoying because I will move through topics of a conversation and nest tangents deeper and deeper, then finish what I was talking about popping up the stack of my conversation, finishing things in reverse order and expect people to understand. I also use computer metaphors. I think the anyways are just a way of my segmenting my thoughts and indicating to myself and others that I am creating a new topic.

In any case (another way of saying anyway), why would you care? Honestly, my linguistic habits are probably of no concern to you and if you've made it this far, I salute you. (You may find out that in real life I will occasionally, or often, actually salute you .. which is weird cause I have no interest in the military whatsoever .. since I'm a pacifist) ANYWAY, what I was trying to also get across is that I'm a Course VI person .. a very Course VI person. I'm also likely an East Campus type person, but we will see as CPW and Orientation progress how I fit in there.

Since this is getting exceedingly, excessively, exorbitantly (, redundantly) long, I too show now utilize the bullet list form .. though some I my bullets might drag on a bit. Here we go:
  • I also am currently my school valedictorian, but will only be salutatorian by the end of the year :-(
  • I too like the word über, and thanks to my wonderful MacBook keyboard (Apple still believes in the concept of an AltGr key .. if not exactly), I can make the umlaut appear, AS IT SHOULD!!
  • On that note, my laptop is a MacBook, my desktop is Daul Booted XP and Xubuntu (linux). I'd like to get a bigger laptop HDD so I could tri-boot it.
  • s shocking as it might seem, I am not completely and totally just a nerd. I have friends and participate in quite a few "cocurricular" activities, most notably Chorus, Theater, and in the past, Boy Scouts (I am an Eagle Scout). I also like doing many things in the union of nerdocity and mainstream, like play Rock Band and DDR (I am good up through any 8 footer, 9s its iffy), see movies, and read (though I have a tendency to read more nonfiction of recent, like language manuals, books on early Christian history (though I am not a Christian really), philosophy stuff, its all very interesting.. but I do enjoy fiction too)
  • I'd like to learn Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin, Greek, and Korean.. I probably won't achieve this in my lifetime.
  • I'm relatively liberal, I don't really know who I'm supporting in the election though. I like some things in the Paul camp, but not others. Obama seems alright... I'll decide latter.
Umm .. how long could I go on? Very. Alas, homework calls. If you have any questions for me, let me know.

~Donald Guy

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Katie said...

I would like to formally apologize for omitting the umlaut. I am simply too lazy to open the character map. :)