Monday, January 7, 2008

What's up with the Weather?

Right now, when it should be blizzarding outside, making roads impassable so I can have a snow day, it is pouring rain and thundering!!! Rain in January!! Sixty degrees in January!!!

Just last week, we had a huge blizzard that even dwarfed my own awesomeness (I know, I was surprised too!). Even though it happened to come when there was no school already, it was a blast to drive through it (I mentioned this in an earlier post). Fortunately, I now have a picture to show you just how ridiculously awesome this storm was. Now to fully understand what I treked through, imagine those roads you see with the 1 foot partitions of snow completely filled with snow. Go crazy, just imagine snow everywhere, coming down, coming up, coming from the side. Imagine that the road just blends in with the 1 foot high surrounding of snow. Now once you have that image (possibly video if you see snow coming down) floating in the dark place called your imagination, you have a good picture of what my trusty Honda CR-V and I braved and survived.

That picture was taken just a few days ago. Right now, as I look out my window and see endless rain attempting to penetrate it, there is no snow left. Yes, the weather has killed the snow. Rather than being cold outside, the weather has decided to throw a curve ball full of warm air. What's even weirder is that this happens every January here!! There is always a few days in January with sixty degree weather. The seasons should be: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, More Summer, Even More Winter. The only reason I'm ranting is because I'm pissed at the thunder that keeps distracting me and the rain that's rumbling at the window a few inches from my ear.

~Anyway, rant ends here~

Great! The storm is picking up...AGAIN!!! err sorry, moving on. So I've got finals next week, but like I said earlier, I'm still excited since my bio exam is all multiple choice (/me goes and does a victory dance). Once finals are out of the way, I'll be in my final semester, entering the final leg of this journey we call high school.

G'day everyone! Enjoy More Summer, it will be ending soon!


Marie said...

oh! we have 60 degree weather too here in ohio lol... and gosh, i hate it when the rain ruins the perfect snow =(

Najah S. said...

everything that marie said but replace ohio with philadelphia

Maximus said...

For us Californians sixty degree weather is considered to be cold.

Katie said...

Everything Marie and Najah said except replace Ohio and Philadelphia with Flint :)

I hate it. I am a fan of thunderstorms, but only in the spring where they belong. I WANT SNOW!