Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Joy's amazing post

To do list:

1. various hws (i luv my probability/lin alg class & my eng class and i hate my ochem class... my other classes are mediocre)

2. make (actually, probably watch/prod/annoy my friend as he makes) a really awesome acrylic magnetic clear rubix cubey at said friend's house

3. read Neil Gaiman & Terry Prachett's Good Omens

4. go to in-n-out & enjoy. (T_T why doesn't Cambridge have in-n-outs?)

5. dress shopping at an outlet :D

6. ice skating

7. fomf

8. sleep

9. [try not to] have nightmares about cpw & paralysis...

10. ignore rensselaer & princeton's persistent emails (something like 3 per day) that I have not applied yet.


Marie said...

yee i love dress shopping at outlets lol :)

Najah S. said...

according to my brother cambridge (and most other cities that don't) doesn't have in-n-outs becasue in-n-out is all about being near fresh produce and fresh cattle. which is why they are mostly in CA becaues it has both of those things. and that is also why I hear that the food is of a really good qaulity.

donaldGuy said...

haha, did I bring on this in-n-out craving or was my timing just convenient?

I've sent Paul B. a wall message asking about the quality of Uburger ( see http://www.boston.com/dining/globe_review/1449 )

Hopefully you and I have found a worthwhile alternative. ^_^ *hopeful* .. though it can't really be as good ..

*sigh*. If I go .. you and I are gonna sneak away from the Caltech campus during their prefrosh weekend and go to In-n-Out.. for serious!! deal?


donaldGuy said...

well .. he hasn't replied yet .. but after reading reviews .. Uburger inspired false hope.. :-( .. WE WILL FIND SOME PLACE ALMOST AS GOOD >_<!

anyway .. yea