Sunday, January 6, 2008


Finals begin in two days. I am almost a second semester senior. MIT likes me (at least that’s what the tube said). Does that mean…I can stop doing schoolwork? Gasp!

Despite my alleged superiority, defined by an ability to pull passing grades without simultaneously pulling all-nighters, and the justification to laugh at the plebes who haven’t gotten into college yet, I don’t want to give up all semblance of academic effort just yet. Because I think I’m getting my lowest grade ever in a class right now. AHH PANIC

For me, there is always that one class that, no matter how legitimately I study for it (so surfing Facebook with the textbook open doesn’t count), the desirable grade remains elusive. Maybe the teacher is unreasonable, the test questions are ambiguous, or the material just won’t stick in the brain, but the test grades are sorely lacking.

I’m pretty sure my grade is only where it is, and not lower, because of the saving grace of homework. But oh snap, finals get their own category in the gradebook. So if I don’t study a bit, I’ll probably end up with, well, something that college would frown upon. (This isn’t CollegeConfidential; I’m not crying because I just got my first A-. No kidding.)

And, well, even if I were to forgo studying, my sleep quota has plenty of backup diet options.

(This post overdramatizes reality a little because I just wanted an excuse to use that long tag there.)

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