Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thought We Needed An Update ^^

Ummm yeah, what's with everyone not posting for like *checks* a week?? lol and you guys should go post in your own private blogs too, like moi.

Anyways, how's second semester senior year going? I thought it would be so much funner but it turns out I still have to sit through classes and do homework even though it doesn't count for anything in particular. Lame. And I still haven't done any of those things on my list, except for going to breakfast at IHOP today with my friends because we had a 2-hr delay. Except some people didn't show up because they wanted to sleep >.< lol

We might have a snow/rain/ice/cold day tomorrow *does snow dance* especially since today in science research, we upper levels had a free day again and spent it looking up weather reports online :P

What else... you MIT12-ers who haven't been in the chat lately, get on!! I think 10-11 EST is the most active lol

Also, I can't wait for CPW!! The schedule from last year is freakin amazing, I want them to post up a schedule like that for this year so I can map/plan out what I'm going to do while I'm at MIT hehe

Yeah. That's all. I'll post again tomorrow if we have a snow day and gloat. Jk. Or not.


Anonymous said...

YESSSS!! Marie, thank you for the post. There are chat people stalking this blog aka me. Senior spring isn't al it's cracked up to be, I'm actually kind of stressed:-O. (Decided to throw myself into extracurriculars and basically overbooked)

Omar A. said...

Haha. I update my own blog still! None of you go to it though :-(

Michelle said...

Yea, more people need personal blogs!

And we haven't had a single snow day this year, but at least we get the days added on to our memorial day break if it never snows.