Thursday, January 3, 2008


Sorry, this post is going to start out on a depressing note: I've discovered today that getting into college doesn't mean I'll have it easy. it's still the same old homework I should be doing but can't, and still the same old worrying about grades so that my MIT acceptance doesn't get rescinded. heh.

On the bright side, I think this suffering is making me look forward even more to CPW and to college. But even now as I type this, the chat seems to be slowly dying. Can we keep MIT12 alive until CPW? Until September? I think we can! We can't let something like going back to school separate us. We'll procrastinate on homework together, lose sleep together, and have a lot of fun. You guys are all amazing and CPW can't come too soon. (Well, maybe we should wait for Sean and Alex to get accepted first :P). So who's with me? MIT12 must live on!


Marie said...

hay.. i was totally in the MIT12 chat earlier w/ Alina, Sham, and Jeff, trying to keep it alive lol.. dunno where you were XP

but yess i will totally chat a lot more after 1st semester ends. for now, i must concentrate on the end of 2nd quarter and final exams so i can stay valedictorian haha

Will said...'s just not live throughout the day but I'll live on :)

Najah S. said...

It must live on! and I agree we should all make it live together even if that means we don't get to sleep because we are talking to each other and then still have to do work lol. But I think we should all get our work done first and then we can talk all night long! can't wait for cpw! and we need to start getting this thing out there.