Monday, April 7, 2008

Things to do at CPW

MIT12 CPW Schedule.
We'll wait a few min before we leave to Party Hop. Call someone if you miss us so we can tell you where we are.

6:30 - Salsa lessons (simmons)
8:00pm - Meet at Anna's (Student Center)
8:20pm - Walk over CPW Student Welcome (Building W33)
9:30pm - Go to CPW Festival
10:30pm - Meet up to being the party hopping!

3:00pm - P@KC
6:00pm - Learn to Ballroom dance (New House)
11:30pm - Meet up to party hop @ the student center

11:00pm - Meet up to party hop @ the student center

This is a list of invites that people have recieved from students already at MIT:

Go visit:

The Theta Chi (OX) Frat House.
Fred's room: Senior House room 254 (please speak to him first so he knows that you will be stopping in)

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Rachel said...

is that the one with the math lectures and glowsticks? i'm sorta up for that. how do we get there? (walking is like, hard)