Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Okay I'll follow Najah's lead and post my account of CPW too I guess :)

Note: this will probably not be as short as Najah's lol.

Airport at 9 am. Mommy gets stuck in security for a while. (She didn't go w/ me btw, just wanted me to board safely). Sat bored on plane for an hour cuz there were fuel probs. Landed at 1. Registered. Had lunch at Subway (TechCASH!). Met up w/ chat ppl and went to see Omar's hack. Free ice cream at Burton Connor. Campus tour. Met up with host and went back to sorority for dinner. Biology Open House. Prefrosh icebreaker and festival. Party on roof of Baker (eh). Went back home and watched Rush House w/ host at Phi Sigma Kappa (really nice btw). Sleep at 2.

Up at 9ish (missed President's Welcome thing, oops). Shuttle back to Cambridge, make-your-own-waffles at Next House I think (except they ran out of batter so I scraped the bowl). Shopping at the Coop (student center one). Intro to Bio class with Julia. Gourmet lunch at ATO/ other lunch at Kappa Sigma. Eat-your-way-through-the-Jewish-year with Julia. Chilled at student center w/ chat ppl. Watched half of a Demo Parliamentary Debate round. UROP tour at Whitehead Biomedical Center. Tour at Baker? Info session about dining/TechCASH. Make-your-own-pizza and sundaes at Next with Tina. Ballroom dancing lessons! (fun fun fun). Meet the Bloggers. Jacks + Citrus. Chilled at BC/Simmons/student center. Shuttle back to Alpha Phi/fb-ed on host's computer. Sleep at 4.

Up at 10ish. Shuttle to Cambridge. Crepes and pancakes at McCormick. Random brunch/tour of New House. Tour/smoothies at MacGregor. Tour/omelette/ball pit fun at Simmons. Activities fair (I signed up for Ballroom Dance team, Taekwando, Society of Women Engineers, Biochemistry Undergraduate Student Association or something like that, some Chinese clubs, Parli Debate, and still want to do orchestra and Dance Troupe). Make-your-own-truffles at Random Hall (got sort of lost lol). Bubble tea / tour of McCormick. Chilled at student center w/ chat ppl. Wii tournament at Simmons w/ Jeff, Rachel, Cameron, Tim (I just watched). Shuttle back to Boston for dinner. Pasta Bar w/ host at Phi Delts or something (quite yummy). Shuttle back to Cambridge. Battle of the Bands, but too much metal so left early. Shuttle back to Boston for Phi Kappa Sigma Karaoke Party (ahhh soo fun! sang No Air by Jordin Sparks. except I got lost initially and went to Phi Sigma Kappa instead and saw cage dancing and ran out. Shuttle back to Cambridge (omg, so much shuttle-ing). Underground CTF yeeahh. Midnight buffet at Kappa Sigma (mmm). Watched POTC II at Simmons. Crashed at Next House and had fun lying on top of ledges :P. Sleep at 5

Wake up at 7, shuttle back to Boston to pack. Except I fell asleep again and woke up around 10. Shuttle back to Cambridge. Check-out. Breakfast at Baker. Left MIT (*tear*). Shuttle to airport at 11. Super bored because flight was at 2 and i forgot to bring ipod/book. Back home by 5.

Skipped school to sleep/catch up on stuff hehe except I woke up at 3pm and didn't really get any homework done.

Ahh such a fun weekend, I didn't realize how much I'd miss it until I got back home, back to school and homework and immature high school people. :(

I guess for me, MIT was everything I expected it to be (and more?) but MIT's not the one I really needed to visit anyway... Need to visit Stanford in 2 weeks and I suppose I should give it a chance... ah well...

I'm currently procrastinating on lots of homework by making this blog entry lol.



Paul said...

Hey Marie! Remember me? :)

Fun summary of CPW...I missed the President's Welcome thing my year too. :D

Which sorority were you staying in?

Marie said...

Oh hi Paul! lol I was staying in Alpha Phi ^^