Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Since it seems like no one else is going to post...

Let's see. I'll make this as short and sweet as possible.

Airport. Brother picks me up. Drops me off. Meet my host. She was amazing! Meet up with chat people. Run around. Go to a class. Meet up with more chat people. Have ice cream and stuff. Minority student dinner. Some might say it had a negative influence on me. I'd like to say it made me have a different view of the world and MIT. Do other crazy random stuff during the day. Prefrosh icebreaker and festival. There was a step show. That was amazing. Festival a bit crowded but there was bubble tea. Yum. Party at Baker. Lack of party at Skullhouse. 3-5am. Well... I had some bad tacos ;). Sleep.

Up and and about. Doing stuff. What stuff. Who knows? Intro to Urban Studies and Planning Department. That was fun. Go to a class. Supposed to go to Jummah yet Omar never shows up to go with me. Academics / Arts fair and athletic fair. a.k.a. free stuff! Ballroom dancing. I had to quit cause they made us change partners and I couldn't handle the germs of people who I didn't know for more than 5 min. Bouncy ball drop & meet the bloggers. Jack took me to baker, but then again not really. Sleeping in the penthouse. pancakes at new house.


Breakfast at new house. Door tours. Boba fest! Meat at random. This was actually the first time that I saw people I knew eat non-well done meat. CPW closing remarks and variety show. Games at McCormick. Parties. Frat parties are boring, well boring in the sense that the party added no fun to the mix. It was the people I was with that made it fun. Underground CTF! Fun fun fun. Sleep.


Goodbye to my loves! Random fun. The most depressing plane ride of my life! Looking forward to the next four years!

That was my cpw! It was overly amazing. And it was kind of just like WOOSH! MIT is now my lover for life.

Photos are here:

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Paul said...

Hey Najah, sorry about the "lack of party" at Skullhouse - sounds like you came too late, things were hopping earlier! I'm going to bet the party died because I had to leave. :D