Monday, April 7, 2008

mit is stalking me

Before this weekend, my past 6 weekends have had some connection to MIT. WHAT? Yes. 6 straight weekends.

Week 1: I was going to watch a swim meet at Harvard. I got distracted, took a wrong turn, and to make a long story short, I got lost around the BU/Fenway area. I got back on Storrow Drive in the wrong direction thinking I was going to be lost for a good 3 hours, when I saw the DOME across the river. I found my way to the dome and to MIT, where I became oriented again and was at the Harvard pool within 15 minutes.
Week 2: I went to watch a swim meet at MIT / visit a friend.
Week 3: I had my overnight!
Week 4: I had a swim meet at Harvard, but my friend and I arrived an hour early and got hungry. MIT had food and free parking, so we ate lunch at the Subway in the student center. We also saw a friend/current MIT student and tried to say hello, but failed. We also came back for dinner at the Bertucci's off Mass Ave.
Week 5: PILLOW FIGHT! With Boston-area MIT '12s and Snively '11 and Michelle '11. Again, I took advantage of the free parking.
Week 6: 21! With more Boston-area MIT '12s and Snively '11.

A majority of this weekend, #7, was spent in Fort Lauderdale, so I was thinking my streak would finally come to an end.
Today I boarded the airplane home around 12. And you know once you get on the plane you have to stand in the aisle a bit and wait for people to put their luggage away and get settled. So I was standing there and All of a sudden I overhear this in the rows next to me:
Old Man & Wife: Talking about how Florida is nice, but glad to come back to boston.
Young Guy: Oh, are you guys from Boston?
Old Man: Yeah, are you?
Young Guy: No, but I go to MIT.
Old Man: Hey! I'm an MIT Alum! Class of '79!
Young Guy: Oh cool! I'm a physics major. What about you?
Old Man: Aero/Astro ...astrophysics talk
Young Guy: Yeah, I almost did Aero/Astro... more astrophysics talk
Me: *thinking* WHAAAAT?!? Is this really happening?!?!

But before I could introduce myself the aisle cleared out in front of me and I was yelled at to proceed to my seat, which was disappointing. But guess what, that makes a week 7! AND a week 8!
Week 7: MIT student and alum on the airplane from Florida.
Week 8: Three letters: C. P. W. Oh, and exclamation points: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:D peace homeskillets


Najah S. said...

Wow that's really funny. I think it's clear that it's meant to be!

Cathy Wu said...

part of that sounds like you're stalking MIT, actually. :)

Alli A. said...

Haha Cathy! In my defense, it is absolutely impossible to turn down free parking in Boston!!! I'd take free parking whether it's at MIT, BU, Harvard, whatever...