Wednesday, March 12, 2008

warning! science!

Hey hey. Bonjour from beautiful Essex County, MA. Our monstrous piles of snow have almost completely melted and our citizens are enjoying a sight they haven't seen in months: grass! Granted, it's all dead and nasty, but that's beside the point. Spring is in the air! Easter is in a week and a half! CVS is selling easter candy! CPW is in 28 days! All's good in the hood.

To help those waiting for... the D word, I found some strange/fun/random science. Which we all will enjoy because, duh, we applied to MIT.

>Some human test subjects checking out mentos, pop rocks, and coke. Have you ever heard the myth of the little boy exploding to death because he downed an entire pack of pop rocks and chased it with a two liter bottle of coke? No? It's okay, its probably just me. This was proven false, yet the playground-rumormachine was well underway among kids ages 4 to 13. General Foods spent thousands of dollars sending letters to schools and running newspaper ads reassuring Soccer Moms of America that if their kid happens to swallow a packet of pop rocks and chug a can of soda (gross), no, little Timmy/Suzie will NOT explode. You're probably not thinking right now, 'Okay, so what would happen?" They have EVERYTHING on youtube. "So far, no death."

>No write up on this one, but its wicked cool. Bionic Contact Lenses

Picture: Reading Room under the dome (taken during my visit)

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