Monday, March 24, 2008

A Bigger Party

Now that all the RD people are starting to come, everything's gotten a lot more exciting. I finally got my financial aid package over the weekend and admitted student gatherings are just around the corner (anyone going to the NYC one?). And CPW isn't too far away either.

I think it's finally hit me that in a few months, I'm gonna be done with high school. Guys. We're going to college.


Najah S. said...

I've known it since the end of junior year that I was on my way to college. But when people say it, I'm still like WOW, I'm going to college.

Kevin Lee said...

haha, I think I was by far the least prepared person for college during my junior year. I had no clue what was going on and I never bothered to think about colleges until beginning of this year.

Anonymous said...

I was much the same, Kevin, haha. In fact, I only started obsessing about MIT around September of last year, but once I started reading more into the awesome institute, I was hooked. I still can't believe I'll be there myself next year, in -college-, out of high school, and hopefully going into the best four years of my life.
Here's to going to college. at MIT. ;)