Tuesday, February 19, 2008


so these both made me angry at first. after a while though, i realized that i wasn't angry at the comics, because they are to some extent an accurate representation of our society today, and that i was in actuality upset with society.

i feel we have obviously come a long way, as a gender, especially considering the population i am blogging to (mit girlies & men); but... any



donaldGuy said...

I am not an MIT girlie .. but I am a feminist nonetheless.. and I do well to say that I have not made any such judgment as the first comic at any time (the best part of that comic was the rollover).

As for the second, I disagree with the implication that women ought to be limited, but I do believe that classical roles hold much value .. not in exclusivity .. but that motherhood holds certain promise and fufillment that men, even in performing the same tasks may not achieve so well. For we, tis sad to say, are limited in our capacity to love .. A father loves his children more dearly than any other, but his love is but a candle to the flame of a good mothers love of her children. Thus, in fulfillment of that love, tasks such as providing nourishment and teaching ought not to be forsaken entirely in favor of profession.

Balancing the two is extremely hard. Men should help in fatherly duty to make it easier.


Marie said...

so weird... i just did a gov study guide about gender discrimination lol..

Michelle said...

I struggle with this a lot. My mom doesn't hide the fact that the reason she thinks I was accepted to MIT was because I'm a girl and that if I were male she thinks I would have been outright rejected. I don't really even know how to respond to that. I'm hurt that she thinks I couldn't get in on my own merit, especially since I'm definitely qualified and I think I wrote some killer essays/interviewed really well. I know a lot of other people that share her opinion (most in a less obvious way) and it hurts, but I know that there might be a little truth in it.