Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lotsa Stuff

Hi peeps, thought we needed an update. So, according to my Facebook countdown application, there are 42 days til CPW!! eeheehee. I remember that when I first added CPW onto there, it was like 120 days or something lol

In other MIT-related news, we've had lots of new people come into the MIT12 chat recently. Perhaps we should introduce them to this blog ^^

Hum. So today I accidentally locked my keys in the car... like I was in a rush in the morning, after I parked at school, I grabbed a bunch of things and set my keys down on the car seat instead of my purse and so when I got to school, I freaked out and thought I lost my keys lol. But yeah, someone had to drop me off at my violin lesson and my mommy came to school and opened the car for me. Interesting day.

Yesterday was a snow day! :D 4th one of the year lol. Too bad we don't get snow days in college.

Ooh, ComingHome is in a week and a half! :) So excited. and Science Olympiad Regionals are this weekend, yikes.

Ok I'm out.


Najah S. said...

:( snowdays. i wish i had one. we got 1/2 of one. it so wasn't worth it cause we still had to go up to 6th period just periods that were a little shorter.

Rachel said...

it's basically summer in california right now, except not boiling-the-flesh-off-your-bones hot, just pleasantly warm :D

Omar A. said...

GRRRR is so cold'll pay next year at MIT mwahahaha...hehe.